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Technical specification for Snow Rabbit 3

Technical Highlights

Snow Rabbit plowing through deep snow

Excellent off-road capability and agility

Snow Rabbit has a ground pressure of only 55 g/cm². This, combined with an optimally placed balance point gives Snow Rabbit great agility and off-road capabilities in deep snow.

Snow Rabbit standing before the Holmenkollen tower

Filling up the need between snow scooters and heavy snow groomers

Because of its small size and ground pressure the Snow Rabbit can go practically anywhere a snow scooter goes, even on the narrow forest trails. It does the big machines job by its hydraulic snow tiller, frontal blade, and two hydraulically operated track setters.

Snow Rabbit plowing through deep snow

Top equipment

200 cm (240 cm with flaps) wide snow tiller with two independent cross-country track setters and 200 cm wide 8-way frontal blade is the standard equipment. If you need to prepare wider tracks the optional 240cm (280 cm with flaps) wide tiller and 240 cm wide 12-way blade can be provided.

Our snow groomer transported on a car trailer

Compact size

Only 200 cm wide, the Snow Rabbit’s compact size makes it possible to transport on a regular car trailer. With this you can prepare snow on several remote places in the same day; after a heavy snowfall for example.

Thanks to its compact size the snow groomer can pass everywhere where a snow scooter with towing equipment passes.

VM Engine

Reliable, economical VM diesel engine

4-stroke diesel engine with electronically controlled common rail direct injection, turbocharger and intercooler to optimize performance and fuel consumption.

It is characterized by low fuel consumption and noise levels. Thanks to its exhaust gas treatment system, the engine also meets Stage IIIB emissions standards.

The engine comes equipped with an electric heater for easy start in any winter.

Technical specification

Length 3'150 mm
Length (with frontal blade) 3'950 mm
Length (with frontal blade & tracking equipment put up) 4'500 mm
Length (with frontal blade & tracking equipment on the snow) 5'600 mm
Width 2'000 mm
Height 2'250 mm
Ground clearance 250 mm

  • Groomer measurements from the side
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Weight without the tiller and track setters 1'890 kg
Weight with the tiller and track setters 2'200 kg
Total weight 2'730 kg
Maximum carrying capacity 530 kg
Engine and fuel
Model VM R 754 IE4,
4 stroke diesel engine turbocharger,
4 cylinders – common rail
Capacity 2'970 cm3
Bore x Stroke ratio 94 x 107 mm
Maximum power 112 HP at 2.600 rpm
Maximum torque 420 Nm at 1.100 rpm
Emission Stage IIIB
Electric engine heater Standard
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption 6 L/h
Fuel tank capacity 60 L
Hydrostatic transmission
Pumps with axial pistons 2
Hydraulic motors HP Hydrostatic
Nominal pressure 350 bar
Piston displacement 750/565 cm3
Electrical system
Tension 12 V
Alternator power 720 W
Batteries 110 Ah
Length of contact with ground 2'750 mm
Width 680 mm
Track idlers 2
No. of sprockets 11
Sliding wheels 8
Operative data
Speed 2 ranges: 0-19; 0-27 km/h
Minimum turning radius 0 (vehicle can turn around its' axis)
Specific pressure on ground 55 g/cm2
Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) certification Yes
Cabin type Tilt
Cabin capacity 2 persons
Operating the equipment Joystick with buttons
Safety belts, Stereo radio/CD player, heating system


Standard blade
Width 2'000 mm
Optional blade
12-Way Blade
Width 2'000 mm - 2'400 mm
Standard tiller on quick release system with polyurethane finisher
Rotational speed up to 2.000 rpm
Width 2'000 mm
Width with flaps unfolded 2'400 mm
Optional tiller on quick release system with polyurethane finisher
Rotational speed up to 2.000 rpm
Width 2'400 mm
Width with flaps unfolded 2'800 mm
Hydraulically operated FIS norm track setter on quick release system 1 or 2 pcs
Optional rear cabin with back opening
Due to the process of continuous improvement we reserve the right to make adjustments to above published data.